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  • We need to talk about Arts Council England

    We need to talk about Arts Council England

    Before I get on my soapbox, I want to start this blog post by saying there are LOADS of good people who work at Arts Council England (ACE). I have a lot of friends and sector colleagues who work there, all of whom I like and respect a great deal. In no way is this… Read more

  • Project Planning

    Project Planning

    Project planning is something that I have always felt pretty comfortable with. I always begin with a Task Analysis, something I have talked about in an earlier blogpost, and as someone who loves a To Do List as well as clearly agreed deadlines and processes, project planning is something I genuinely enjoy and always appreciate… Read more

  • Is it you, is it me?

    Is it you, is it me?

    We’ve all been there right? Rejection sucks. But it’s all part and parcel of being a freelancer so as harsh as this sounds, you’re just going to have to deal with it. Since I went freelance, I’ve pitched for a number of contracts where it didn’t work out and the client decided to go with… Read more

  • Just Say No

    Just Say No

    As a freelancer, especially a new one, it’s extremely tempting to pitch for every proposal that comes your way. When it’s feast or famine, you should take what you can get right? Wrong. You can save yourself a lot of pain in the long term if you carefully and honestly assess whether you think it’s… Read more

  • One year on…

    One year on…

    It’s not quite the anniversary of when I was sent home to work remotely as COVID-19 took hold of the country – that was a week ago and to be honest, it passed me by without me realising. But the one year anniversary of when we first went into Lockdown has just passed. That year… Read more

  • Remote Working

    Remote Working

    As we hurtle towards the one-year anniversary of the COVID-19 crisis and the country entering national lockdown, I’ve been thinking a lot about how the workplace has changed. For those that had to continue to go into work to deliver essential services, we owe you a huge gratitude. You are the everyday heroes who stepped… Read more