Data Privacy and Protection

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We work with organisations to help them understand their data processing activities and demystify what they can and cannot do in terms of the data protection laws. Whether you need regular ‘hands-on’ support, want to review your internal policies, or deliver staff training, we can help you work towards compliance.


Retainer Support

If you want more regular, hands-on support, you can book our time in advance. If you would like more details about this kind of support, we would love to talk to you.

Privacy Policy Review

Whether you are looking to create data protection related documentation or review it, we can help you ensure that it is up to date, clear and accurate.

Documentation Templates

If you are missing any standard documentation, we can help. From Data Privacy Impact Assessments (DPIAs) to Legitimate Interests Assessments (LIAs), a Record of Processing Activities (ROPA) document to data protection related policies – we have got your covered.

Staff Training

Let us help you to build staff confidence with some practical, no nonsense training. We provide bespoke packages and work with clients to identify the best approach – from a general introduction to data protection legislation to more in-depth workshops.

Case Studies

Other clients include: