Insights and Evaluation

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Data is essential for objective, unbiased decision-making, yet some organisations are still not collecting the right information to support their business. Whether you need to create an Evaluation Framework or simply want to understand the data you already have, we have a passion for data and how it can be used to effect change.


Evaluation Frameworks

We can help you create an Evaluation Framework for your organisation so that you can better understand your audience, so you can effect change.

ACE/NPO Annual Data Return

Working in the arts and culture sector for over 15 years means we know what data is needed for the ACE/NPO annual data return, get in touch and we will get you started.

Undestand data you already have

Have lots of data but don’t know where to start or how to interpret it in a meaningful way? Get in touch with us and we will support you in getting started.

Staff Training

Have limited resource or capacity in your teams for evalutioan and insights? We offer 1-1 or group training sessions so you can embed insights and evaluation across the team.

Case Studies

Other clients include: